Junk Yard Dog # 001

Junk Yard Dog # 001


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Ambler Custom Guitars very first Junk Yard Dog done in corroded Copper.

This model features an Ash body, figured Roasted Maple neck with trans-black natural finish, aged Ebony fingerboard and heavy corroded Copper skin.

As with all the Junk Yard Dog models, this features a real metal skin that fully encapsulates a wooden body. The metal is then corroded with acids and saltwater and left to develop a heavy patina. Once corroded to the desired level, the acids are neutralised and washed away, and the body is given a coat of natural looking lacquer to preserve the patina, and also give a smooth feel. Copper, when corroded, develops a stunning verdigris green patina.

Loaded with the finest Tele pickups on the planet:-McNelly Pickups A5 Signature Plus, which are designed to punch hard whilst maintaining the Tele character. Other hardware includes Duesenberg Z-Tuners, the beautifully made Mastery Tele bridge and Duesenberg Diamond Deluxe Tremolo bridge. The Duesenberg Tremolos are very closely styled on the Bigsby tremolos, but are different in design execution. A higher spring tension gives more travel and greater stability. This guitar is perfectly balanced on either the knee or a strap.

This guitar comes with a Hiscox hardcore and certificate of Authenticity, and can be shipped worldwide.

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