Junk Yard Dog 7 String

Junk Yard Dog 7 String


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Made specially to display at The Guitar Show 2019 and now available to buy.

This guitar is hugely versatile and can do everything from beautiful cleans right through to metal. It perfectly balanced, features a super slim but very stable Macassar Ebony neck with dual action truss rod and tension bars.

The pickups are the absolutely superb Bare Knuckle`Pickups Crawler 7 string set. Wired up to a master volume specially placed for ease of access whilst playing, a 3 way Toggle switch and two individual push/push coil split tone pots.  This set-up allows for access to a myriad of different tones, as easily and swiftly as possible.

The ABM TOM style bridge is a new product from ABM and one of very few TOM style 7 string bridges available. These come with blank and slightly wider than usual saddles which enable the luthier to file in the string slots at the desired width for alternate string spacings. The guitar is finished off with Gotoh tuners and a hand cut bone nut, specially selected for its hardness. All the hardware on the guitar has been carefully aged by hand to match in with the rusted iron finish.

The “Junk Yard” finishes on these special guitars is a real metal skin that seamlessly coats a wooden body. Once this complicated process is completed, the metal (in this case Iron) is corroded with acids and saltwater. Once corroded to the desired level, the acids are neutralised and the body is given a coat of lacquer to stop from the rust rubbing off onto clothing and to give it a smooth feel.

This guitar features an oiled neck, to leave it feeling as natural as possible.

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