1965 Fender Electric XII Custom Color Firemist Gold + OHSC

1965 Fender Electric XII Custom Color Firemist Gold + OHSC


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Elegant and very rare, this 1965 Fender Electric XII in Firemist Gold sounds as angelic as she looks and the opening line of ‘Stairway’ could have been written just for this stunning guitar.

This guitar has wonderful patina and only a few minor knocks on the front. The finish still has a wonderful lustre both front and back that has escaped any real damage

The neck is likewise glossy and hasn’t worn. The fretboard looks great and there’s plenty of life left in the frets. In fact it is pretty difficult to wear the fingerboard out on these Electric XII’s and I do not think we have ever seen one with a very worn fingerboard.

The iconic ‘hockey stick’ headstock has, like the body, stayed clear of any real damage and looks so good with the all original and unique to this finish, gold Fender logo.

The hardware is in great shape, no corrosion or discolouration.

The pickguard and the other plastics have been well looked after though the position markers have worn near the selector switch. Electronically everything is correct and all the solder joint look undisturbed.

The guitar comes with its correct Black Tolex Fender hardshell case.

There is a good reason why this guitar was the go to studio 12 string when it was introduced. The feel of the neck and the action are just a joy and the instrument has such vibrant tone when played acoustically. The tonal scope offered by the split coil pickups is always surprising, making the job of coaxing out a variety of lush sounds a dream.

Another rare shade in such fantastic condition, this Fender Electric XII is one of the best we have ever seen.

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