1956 Gibson TV Yellow Les Paul Junior

1956 Gibson TV Yellow Les Paul Junior


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Another wonderful Guitar from ATB Guitars.

A Gibson Les Paul Junior in TV Yellow.

This 1956 Les Paul Junior is a fantastic example of the ‘wheatier’ end of the colour spectrum and to many represents the true TV Yellow hue. As you can see from the photos the finish is exquisite with only moderate wear to the back and a little to the clear coat on top in the places you’d expect. There are a few minor dinks also present. The neck and is surprisingly free of wear with again only a few paint chips onto the end of the headstock. The fretboard is in excellent shape with plenty of life left in the frets.

The guitar has seen some changes during its life. The bridge posts have been moved at some point to correct the intonation, a common feature of guitars from this period.

We must admit that the work undertaken to blend this work into the original finish is amazing as its only really visible under black light or at certain angles, and even then you have to be looking very closely.

The jack socket mounting plate has been replaced, the tuners are reproductions and it seems that other tuners have been put on this guitar in the past, as is evident by the visible holes in the back of the headstock. Apart from these things, everything else is correct. The pickup and harness are correct as are the knobs, tailpiece and pickguard.

The guitar comes with a correct ‘Gator skin’ case



Model: Junior
Year: 1956
Finish: TV Yellow

Modifications: New tuners, jack plate
Repairs: Bridge pins relocated
Weight: 3.81 Kg

Case: Correct hardshell case
Fingerboard: Rosewood Veneer
Tuners: Replacement Single line Kluson style tuners

Pickups: Correct P90
Hardware: Correct Nickel
Neck Profile: Chunky C
Pots: Correct 500k Centrelab

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